Prostate Diseases

Prostate Diseases

The anti male epidemic

In the 20s of the twentieth century, exactly eighty years ago, it was believed that diseases related to prostate were derived directly from an abuse of the frequency of sexual activity. As it used to be associated with such evil sexuality they were created a number of myths that science has been engaged in overthrowing.
In this regard, since 1940, especially in the United States, the growth of diseases related to the proposal pushed the scientific community to seek explanations to the phenomenon as well as possible treatments and prevention of this evil.
Approximately 60% of men between the ages of 40 to 59 years suffer from an enlarged prostate (prostatitis) or benign prostatic hyperplasia, as it is known this pathological change of the organ. The annual projected costs in terms of medical care and surgery for this condition are excessively high.

The statistics say that only in 1995, 187,000 men were admitted to clinics and hospitals for prostate cancer in the United States and about 65,000 died from the same cause. Every day the death rate for prostate cancer increases considerably.
As the prostate works?

Acute prostatitis or acute inflammation of the prostate, can be resolved without consequences or else converted into chronic.
Juan Manuel Paez Doctor, urologist at Sanitas Organization ensures that the complications that may present themselves in prostate cancer involving the proliferation of periurethral glands with deviation of the bladder and urethra.
Another definition that appears on this lethal disease is given by the famous urologist Dr. Joseph Breistain, the Elshaven Community Hospital in California who said that prostatitis is a “antimasculina” epidemic. According to him the development of the physical manifestations, prostate problems are evolving with a certain annulment of virility and the implicit threat of a possible loss of fertility.
The prostate has an important role in the production of various hormones in man. It is obvious that both the quality of semen as the sexual power of man are associated with the health of the prostate. This body is positioned just at the back of the bladder and of the urethra, this location has a very important role because it ignites when it tends to exert pressure on the urethra thus not allowing the passage of urine.
Dr. Paez ensures that occur at this point the pain, discomfort and difficulty in the process of eliminating urine. There are cases in which inflammation of the gland is constant and porduz obstruction of urine.
This creates very serious consequences, Paez said in the short time but also in the future. Imprisonment for so long the toxins from the urine produces deterioration of the body. This same phenomenon has as collateral damage reabsorption of toxic products present in urine, affecting not only the urinary channels as the very nerve tissue.
The causes

This year it is expected that the incidence rates of prostate ailments and cancer suffer an increase of 38% compared to the year 1992. The cause of this increase is not explained solely by itself increase the disease, but also the variation in general composition of the population, especially in developing countries where there is a higher incidence of this disease, because they have a more significant proportion of men aged 30 to 50 years.

Experts point out that one of the most frequent causes of prostate disorders are:

1. A very active sex life, than a frequency of 2 to 3 times pos week.
2. Sexually transmitted diseases not treated properly.
3. Urinary tract infections
4. Masturbation
5. Food stimulant that can irritate body (saturated fats, animal protein, aluminum, mercury, chemical dyes)
6. The practice of high abdominal strain sports such as weightlifting.
7. Diet low in zinc intake, magnesium and vitamin E
8. Use of pants or belts too tight to the body
9. Lack of routine physical activity.
10. Sleep Loss
11. Use of alcohol or other drugs as stimulants.


The urologist Ines Cardenas ensures that the treatment of this disease is gradual. In other words, one should establish a procedure, according to the condition that the patient has.
It presents a slight prostatitis, or which is still in process, it can be treated only with drugs and diets home processes as full hot baths and moist compresses applications on the perineal region. Must remain at rest, drink plenty of water, abstain from alcoholic beverages, vinegars and canned and try to follow a predominantly vegetarian diet.
In cases of prostate hypertrophy in addition to diet, one should consider surgery.
In cases of prostate cancer treatment is surgical and hormonal. When it comes to a malignant tumor such as cancer is diagnosed, treatment should involve chemotherapy or radiotherapy, or even a combination of both. In inoperable cases the female hormones give amazing results. The hormones may be combined with antimitotic and the radioactive gold injections 198 in the prostate itself.


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